Makuzamag Chile (2018)

Broken Tattoo & Music , Colombia (2017)

Inauguracion de INOKUO Tattoo Studio & Supply en Tenerife Sur (08/2017)

Cancún Expo Tattoo , Mentes Creativas, (2017)

Artist Guest in the Expo Tattoo Cancún.

Always happy to visit to my mexican good friends and special thanks to Alan (Snoopy) for invited me and all good details and my bro @gray.rx for this weekend, to @jestradah, my client, my doctor and good friend Bosco for visit me and put the skin in my hands...the rest of the supernice people, and always to my sponsords..


Broken Tattoo & Music Magazine (Colombia)

It's an honour to be in this great cover of Broken Tattoo & Music magazine.

Attention at this concert "Prophets of rage", the new band composed from Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy.

Thanks a lot to Carlos Alberto Ruiz to let me join this amazing edition, he has no idea, how special this is for me.

Thanks bro!!

Tattoo Seminar in Berlin by Victor Portugal

Summer 2015, together with Raul Conde (CNX) I set out to organize Victor Portugal's Berlin seminar. It was an honor because he, besides being a legend in the tattoo world, is one of my references and someone I have always admired a lot, even before my career as a tattoo artist started.

All a success!! 

Poster of 25th Anniversary of International Tattoo Convention in Berlin 2015

I was proud of designing the poster for the 25th Anniversary of the

Berlin International Tattoo Convention.

Two months working in this fantastic proyect inspired by the tattoo

model Makani Terror and Berlin city.

Done with Photoshop. 

Cheyenne, 25th Berlin Tattoo Convention 2015 (min. 2´53)

"Tattoo Studio" Germany 2015

"Tätowier Magazine" Germany (2012)

"Tribuna"  Tenerife 2008

Interview Dr. Pickles (Berlin 2012)