My Story...

"Genius is composed of a 2% talent and 98% of persevering application".

Ludwig van Beethoven


I began drawing at an early age influenced by artists of the most diverse styles such Francisco Ibáñez, Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, H. R. Giger, Michelangelo, etc. I perfected my artistic skills by attending specialized schools and educational centres where I took my first steps with pencils, paint brushes and so on. At the age of 15, I did my first tattoo using a rudimentary machine made with a walkman engine (we used to have cassettes then), some batteries and I do not know what else. Just a couple of minor tattoos; nothing remarkable. Back in 1996, I believe, I bought my first airbrush and dedicated myself to “spoiling” with my art walls of gyms, clubs or whatever else I came across…

With the coming of the new century, in 2002, and encouraged by Montse “Ishtar”, a good friend and great artist, a tattooist, I enrolled on a MA in “2D Animation & Character Design” at ESDIP, where I studied subjects specialized in areas such as anatomy, comic, illustration, etc. There I met Pablo García, aka “Pencilsteel”, a great artist; little by little, without me being aware of it, the union bond between the world of tattoo and me was being forged…


Shortly afterwards I travelled to Tenerife. The airbrush would be the indispensable tool for the next 6 years in which, as a self-taught artist, I learnt to decorate clubs, cars, guitars, etc.; everything that could be painted ended being a canvas in my hands. By then, I had already begun “playing” with computers and graphic design, Photoshop became part of my life, and during those years in the islands I also did some works for different companies and sport promoters at international level.


It was during my last year (2010-2011) in Tenerife that I began to develop ideas for the tattooist Albina Barrera at Magma Tattoo, the studio where I soon began “putting ink into skin” more seriously shoulder to shoulder with my “brother” Botta (around five or six years ago).

On my return to Madrid I signed up for a MA in “Animation & 3D Modelling” at CICE and, as a result, I broadened my knowledge of the digital world. Subsequently, and without my noticing, such knowledge would allow me to create designs for my current profession. That year I got over my fear of commitment and assumed the responsibility that tattooing involves and eventually decided to get totally ready for it, ( Arte Rojo was born), so I moved to Berlin (2012), the city where a career which has not ceased growing and giving me both artistic and professional satisfaction started. Throughout this period I have received a lot of awards and recognition to my work in various European countries, always supported (which I am very thankful for) by companies such Cheyenne, Radiant Colors, e Ink Booster, as well as others which had done it before like Alpha Superfluid o Dr. Pickles. 


Always active in the digital world, I was honoured to design the poster for the 25th anniversary of the Berlin International Tattoo Convention in 2015. Then I organized together with Raúl Conde (CNX Tattoo) Víctor Portugal’s seminar in Berlin, which was a great honour because Víctor, a legend in the field of tattoo, is an example to me and somebody whom I deeply admire since much before my tattooing career started.


Despite the fact that my career path started in Per4, I made CNX Tattoo my home for the last three years. There I became a professional tattooist and there I discovered that my place is not other but this.

Nowadays I am travelling, planning new projects, videos and collaborating with other artists, thus satisfying my thirst for knowledge.


Greetings and.... Mucha Tinta!



The Art of Tattoing